Comprehensive Annual Production Insurance for Filmmakers

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Being a filmmaker can be a lot of work, especially if you have dedicated yourself to producing multiple projects within the next twelve months. Besides the fact that you are going to have to commit yourself to the making of several different films or videos over the span of just one year you will also have to consider the insurance component in order to ensure that your project(s) is in good standings for if anything unexpected should happen. Enter Marquee Insurance – we help to find you the right insurance program that covers any and all exposures you may face during the making of your latest project(s). We want to be part of your next project! Look to us for when you need annual production insurance.

Annual Production Insurance 101: What is It?

You might be wondering what annual production insurance is. An annual production insurance policy is a little different than your standard entertainment coverage in that it is specifically designed for filmmakers who are looking to produce more than one product over the course of the next year.

Annual production insurance varies from provider to provider but may include coverage for the following:

  • Location insurance (or third party property damage for if any harm is caused to a rental set or a third party’s assets)
  • Rented high-cost valuables, such as jewellery, collectables, furs, etc.
  • Negative film, a digitalized image with faulty stock, videotape, camera, processing, etc. (Be sure to familiarize yourself with the limits of your annual production insurance policy.)
  • DICE policies
  • Camera, either owned or rented, as well as any additional film equipment vital to the making of your project(s)
  • Project assets, such as pictures, wardrobe, props, sets, vehicles, etc.
  • Cyber coverage for essential digital documentation, records, etc
  • Extra expenses as specified in your annual production insurance policy.
  • Rented vehicles/non-owned automobiles, such as broadcast trucks, stunt cars, etc.
  • Commercial general liability
  • Worker’s compensation to protect cast and crew against injuries during the making of your next project
  • Cast and crew coverage to indemnify you for extra expenses as a result of an injury, illness or death of any cast or crew member

It is important to discuss with your annual production insurance broker in order to make sure that you have enough coverage before going forward with any of your planned project(s). Different circumstances call for different amounts of annual production insurance coverage and you will want to be sure that every exposure is accounted for before you proceed. Marquee helps get you the right coverage for a price that works for you.

Who Needs Annual Production Insurance?

Filmmakers who require blanket coverage for the next twelve months for more than one new project can benefit from purchasing annual production insurance. Marquee offers a wide range of policies for all different kinds of budgets as well as for a multitude of different projects, from full-scale movies, short films, television series, music videos, short films, commercials, and more. Also, many rental equipment companies and venue owners will require you as a producer to carry insurance.

For speciality enhancements, filmmakers can choose to include additional coverage with their annual production insurance policy to protect themselves from certain exposures. If your projects include high-risk stunts, water or aerial scenes, pyrotechnics, animals, fight scenes or other hazardous activities, Marquee can offer speciality coverage options to buff your existing annual production insurance policy. Also, your annual production insurance includes errors and omissions insurance to offer protection from potential libel, slander, defamation, and copyright claims. This coverage is critical to ensuring your project is protected.

Discuss with a broker or an annual production insurance expert from Marquee to learn more about who needs this coverage and how it can benefit you.

How Much Is Annual Production Insurance?

Premiums for annual production insurance depend on a wide range of different variables. Multiple factors need to be taken into account when determining the cost of your annual production insurance. These factors can include any or all of the following:

  • How much coverage you choose to include with your policy. This includes additional expenses and anything extraordinary you need for the production of one or all of your coming projects.
  • Gross production costs. Whether your project is large or small this will be one of the most essential components for determining the overall cost for your annual production insurance premiums.
  • Any props, wardrobe or set pieces you will need for the production of your projects. How much it would cost to replace these items if something caused a total loss will affect the cost of your coverage.
  • Liability expenses. If a third party were to be injured during production or if the damage was caused to rental equipment/third party property your liability coverage may help offset the costs.

Many locations may require you to carry a certain amount of general liability. This is important to note when determining how much your annual production insurance will cost. Discuss with a broker about what other factors may impact the price of your coverage and what measures you can take to manage your budget. Marquee can help make sure you get the protection you need without busting the budget.

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