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You have a vision for what you want for your next project. That’s fantastic! But whether you are new to the scene of film production, or this is another project to add to the portfolio you should know that film production insurance is essential to help minimize hazards and lessen your exposure to potential risk. When you are on the market for film insurance companies to help manage your coverage, look no further than Marquee Insurance.

Marquee Insurance is proud to offer a myriad of production insurance policies for any new or seasoned filmmakers looking to minimize the risk of anything going awry while involved in the making of a new project. Our production insurance products are customized to guarantee that the plan you receive is the one that is right for you and helps ensure any studios, theatres, post houses, equipment, and other features involved in your project.

What Does Film Production Insurance Coverage Do

Are you looking to insure a video, movie, tv-series or small film? Film production insurance helps cover the unique insurance requirements that you may have as a result of the nature of your project. Marquee is an expert among film insurance companies and is ready to help provide you with production insurance solutions in knowing that your circumstances expose you to a number of industry-specific risks. You might face exposures from the following:

  • Pyrotechnics or other self-contained chemical reactions for special effects
  • The damage to or loss of drones and drones equipment
  • High-risk shooting sites, such as any sets situated in foreign places
  • Cast coverage
  • Equipment coverage
  • The damage to or loss of hard drives
  • The usage of various vehicles, including railroad, aircraft and watercraft and rentals
  • Special effects and stunts
  • Props and wardrobes
  • Faulty equipment, processing, stock, camera, and more
  • Film set liability
  • The involvement of animals

Film production insurance or film liability insurance may help protect you from these exposures as well as any others included in your policy. Wherever in the world that your film requires you to be making the magic happen, you are guaranteed a trusted advisor in Marquee Insurance’s expert brokers. Our production insurance solutions are not limited to either large or small-scale films. We have film liability insurance solutions for every project.

Production Insurance 101: Why Is It Needed?

You might be wondering why you need production insurance in the first place. It’s not just another cost to add to the list – errors and omissions for production insurance is essential to ensuring that your project is covered if anything unexpected should happen during the making of your next project. As a producer looking for film insurance companies with which you plan to compile a plan designed to protect your latest project, you will want to work with someone who knows your individual requirements and the specific risks that you face. Marquee Insurance is the production insurance provider of choice for all your film production insurance, film liability insurance and entertainment insurance needs.

You need production insurance for legal, property and contractual reasons. Many financiers and location hosts will require that you and your team carry a certain minimum amount of production insurance in order to go about making your film. This includes adequate errors and omissions insurance to protect against claims of alleged libel, slander, defamation, and more. For example, if you were renting a building for a shoot the owner of that building will want to ensure that they are protected if anything should damage the location or if someone were to be injured on set. As a producer, you are responsible for any rental equipment you are utilizing and as such will need coverage for damage or loss to certain valuable assets. Lastly, if you work under a distributor or a broadcaster, your contract will more than likely require you to carry production insurance with the necessary errors and omissions coverage.

Like with any insurance policy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You will want to ensure you have a certain amount of coverage in place if anything goes awry during the making of your film. You certainly would not want to have to cancel a project due to unforeseen circumstances. Marquee Insurance looks after your project like it is its own and makes sure that everything about your project flows as smoothly as possible – so you only need to worry about making the magic happen.

Production Insurance Premiums

How much does it cost to purchase film production liability insurance? There is no one answer since rates vary with different film insurance companies and there is a multitude of factors which contribute to calculating the overall price. Here are some of the variables that are considered when determining your rates:

  • The type of media you are making, whether it is a short film, a full-length movie, a television series, a commercial, etc.
  • Foreign shooting locations (if you are using any area outside of Canada or the United States to film for your project)
  • High-risk stunts or special effects
  • The inclusion of animals
  • Extra expenses

Usually, the higher the risk your upcoming project is, the higher your costs will be. In certain circumstances where the project you are planning to produce requires a relatively small amount of shooting time, you may be able to cut some costs by purchasing a short-term insurance policy. However, it is important to keep in mind that this coverage can be relatively minimal next to a fuller policy and will not last as long. Discuss with a broker from Marquee Insurance about what your project requires, what coverage you need, and what you can do in order to keep your costs as manageable as possible.

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Of all film insurance companies, Marquee Insurance knows your needs best. We work with you in order to ensure that your coverage requirements are sufficiently met and so that your insurance does not bust the budget. When you need the best protection, Marquee confers for you in order to acquire what you need most. We help you with obtaining video production insurance, film shoot insurance, movie production insurance, and more. Never settle for less with Marquee Insurance.

Get a film production insurance quote with Marquee so that you can see just how easy film production insurance can be. We look forward to being an essential part of your next project.

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