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As a filmmaker, you are already given the enormous burden of managing all your existing and upcoming projects. Adding film producer insurance into the mix might seem like a daunting task and some creators may be tempted to skip that part altogether to keep costs more manageable. However, film producer insurance is genuinely quite affordable and can mean the difference between being charged some pretty considerable fees and having your project carry on without a hitch. It is important that, as a filmmaker, you recognize the risks your industry exposes you to and take the measures necessary to protect yourself and your team from the unforeseen. Liability threats can be costly and you never want to jeopardize the flow of your project or projects due to unforeseen circumstances. After all, accidents are called accidents for a reason.

Enter Marquee. We help protect your projects whether they’re full-scale movies, short infomercials, or television series. Our team of expert film producer insurance brokers will work with you in order to better understand your style and help find you film producer insurance or filmmaker insurance that checks every box. We want to be a part of your next big project, so look to us for when you need film producer insurance coverage that guarantees adequate protection without busting the budget.

Get in touch with one of Marquee’s friendly representatives to get started on your film producer indemnity insurance as soon as possible. We show you just how easy it can be to protect your projects without needing to sacrifice a larger portion of your budget. Apply for a quote today for free.

Film Producer Insurance 101: What Is It?

Film producer insurance or film producers indemnity insurance helps cover a production company or professional from related liability claims up to a specified amount. Whether your media project is long or short insurance is always a necessary tool to have on hand in order to guard yourself against any unforeseeable risks. Entertainment insurance providers will tailor their packages according to the specific requirements that your latest project calls for.

With filmmaker insurance you may be offered coverage for a range of different projects, including but not limited to:

  • Full-length feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Television series
  • Web series
  • Infomercials
  • Commercials
  • Promotional shoots
  • Broadcast announcements

Whatever you are looking to shoot, filmmaker insurance can help cover you against liability risks. Discuss with a broker about what your project’s insurance requirements are and what you can do to effectively manage your exposures. An expert from Marquee will be able to sit down with you and talk you through the fine print of your filmmaker insurance policy so that you understand what you are covered for.

How Much Does Film Producer Insurance Cost?

How much does it cost to get film producer insurance? Well, that answer all depends on a wide range of factors. No one filmmaker is exactly alike and so no one film producer insurance policy should be. Depending on the risks you are exposed to, your filmmaker insurance coverage and its cost may vary. Here are a number of different variables which may affect the cost of your film producer insurance:

  • Where you shoot your media project, whether within Canada and the United States or in a foreign location.
  • What type of activities you include in your projects, especially those that might be considered high risks such as aerials, pyrotechnics, stunts involving animals, hazardous vehicle activities, water scenes, and more.
  • The equipment you use for your projects, whether owned or rented. This includes your camera, lights, drones, wardrobes, sets, and more.
  • How long your project takes to film. Some projects fall under “short term”, which means they take under 60 days of filming to complete. Alternatively, you might have multiple full-scale projects planned over the course of the next twelve months.

Discuss with a Marquee film producer insurance broker about what your portfolio and planned projects expose you to and what film producers indemnity insurance plan will work best for you.

Who Needs Film Producer Insurance?

Just who exactly needs film producers indemnity insurance? What sort of professional requires this special coverage? Filmmakers, whether they are new to the scene or experienced producers, are burdened by a wide range of industry-specific risks when they choose to oversee a new project. In order to mitigate their exposures and share the financial risk that comes with their duties, film producers need film producer insurance, filmmaker insurance or film producers indemnity insurance.

As a staple in cinematography, film producers insurance protects the filmmaker from liability claims that might arise during the making of your project for any number of reasons. It is especially important that aspiring filmmakers and filmmakers with experience in their pocket purchase a film producers insurance policy tailored to the needs of their specific work. After all, no one filmmaker is exactly like another. The way you manage your projects, the equipment you use, and the people you work with are always different – which is why it is important that your film producer insurance policy reflects your needs.

Marquee helps filmmakers find film producers indemnity insurance fitted to their personalized requirements. With us, you will never settle for less.

Free Film Producer Insurance Quotes With Marquee

Getting a film producer insurance quote with Marquee takes no time out of your day and shows you just what kind of coverage we are able to provide you with. We want to be a part of your next project – look to us for when you need filmmaker insurance that protects you and your project from any and all hazards its industry exposes it to.

Your claims are always handled in a manner that never falls short of expectations and is carried out professionally in order to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. We negotiate on your behalf. Start by obtaining a free quote with us today and see just how uncomplicated it can be to get the right kind of film producer insurance.

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