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Taking on a new project of any length is always a big commitment whether you are new to the scene of producing or are a seasoned filmmaker with years of experience in your pocket. When you commit to a film, television series, commercial, or other projects, it is your job to ensure that your actors, crew, equipment, film location, props and wardrobe are well guarded against the range of liabilities that you face as a member of the entertainment industry. It is essential that you acquire enough coverage to keep all your valuable assets protected. But what if you expect that your film will only take a few weeks or even just a short number of days to complete? You might find yourself tempted to cut costs and forgo insurance altogether.

Short film production insurance is essential for short or day shoots to help offset the cost of potential lawsuits and provide a financial safety net for if anything should go awry and result in the damage or losses of rented or owned equipment indispensable to the production of your project. It might not always be required by law (although many renters or leasers will need you to carry a base amount of coverage) but temporary production insurance can mean the difference between forcing you to abandon your day shoot midway through its making or bringing it to completion.

Short Term Film Production Insurance 101: What Is It?

For any filmmaker who foresees a project taking only a small amount of time, (or even one day – and yes, there’s one day production insurance too!) short term film insurance is key. Short term film production insurance helps filmmakers whose new projects are projected to only take as long as a couple of days or a few weeks to produce. While it might seem easier to skip acquiring insurance altogether there are still risks associated with any kind of media, no matter how short. Liability claims and damages to a rental property are very real threats that a wide range of productions may be exposed to. These risks can be managed by acquiring the right short term film insurance. Short term film insurance offers producers a wide range of different coverage options to choose from in order to account for the disparity of projects being made today.

Short term film production insurance may include coverage for the following:

  • General liability, which protects you as a producer from the potential costs arising from certain liability events (including bodily injury and third party property damage). This coverage is essential but may not cover your crew and cast, so always be sure to discuss with your broker what the extent of your short film production insurance coverage is.
  • Owned and non-owned equipment and film gear, including items vital to the creation of your projects such as cameras, props, wardrobe, set, lighting, sound gear and more. If this gear were to be damaged or destroyed, your policy may offer you the compensation to acquire replacements so that you can continue producing your latest work without interruption.
  • Errors and omissions insurance for expenses pertaining to lawsuits as a result of a range of claims such as contract dispute, copyright, plagiarism, defamation, and more. Generally, this coverage is most beneficial by the time you have finished making your film.
  • Workers compensation for coverage from expenses as a result of the bodily injury of cast or crew members. In certain instances, you will be required to obtain a base minimum of workers compensation coverage in order to carry out your project.

Discuss with a broker about what your policy includes or what your short term film insurance requirements should be. The experts from Marquee are always looking for more ways to help make the film-making process flow more smoothly and can help you find short film production insurance easier than ever.

Who Needs Short Term Film Production Insurance?

The following types of projects may be eligible for video production insurance for short term:

  • Commercials or video advertisements
  • Documentaries
  • Industrial films
  • Student films
  • Television series
  • Promotional videos
  • Movies
  • Independent films
  • Web series
  • Instructional videos
  • Corporate videos

This is just a sample list. Discuss with a broker about whether the type of project you are looking to produce is eligible for short term film production insurance. The type of project you want to make will change the type of coverage that you require in order to cover yourself from any and all exposures you face during the making of your latest project. The experts from Marquee can help – give us a call.

How Much Is Short Term Film Production Insurance?

How much does short term film insurance cost? When it comes to short film production insurance you never want to pay for more coverage than you are receiving. Marquee makes it so that you can acquire a policy fitted to your needs without needing to pay a penny more. Moreover, we will work with you and discuss what impacts the cost of your protection so that you understand what modifications you can make to manage your costs most effectively. Here are a few factors that affect the cost of your short term film insurance:

  • The coverage options you choose to include. The more options, as well as the higher the amount of coverage you select, will result in higher costs
  • High-risk activities, such as potentially dangerous stunts, aerials, pyrotechnics, special effects, water activities, and more
  • Foreign shooting locations
  • Valuables onset and/or expensive camera equipment
  • Wardrobe, props and set cost

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As a producer looking to create a film within a short period that only puts you out a few days to a couple of weeks, you want insurance that is right for you. Temporary production insurance might be the best choice for your situation, and Marquee can help! Contact us today and we can get started fitting you with an insurance policy tailored to your individual needs.

Getting a short film insurance quote takes no time at all and shows you just how affordable ensuring your new project can be. Short term film insurance does not have to be difficult to acquire; work with an expert from Marquee so that all you need to worry about is carrying out the making of your new, exciting project.

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