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As an accomplished filmmaker or filmmaking team, you want to celebrate your hard work. However, hosting a film event or festival poses its own set of unique risks which require insurance in order to be covered from in case anything should happen. Film event liability insurance is designed specifically to help protect festival and event hosts from significant financial loss as a result of various potential incidents which might occur. You want to celebrate your wins, after all, and there is no better way to ensuring you will have peace of mind for when that day comes than working with Marquee. 

Marquee offers film event liability insurance to help cover your film festival or celebration so that if you are found legally responsible for any injuries or damages you are not left to foot the bill alone. This day is intended for filmmakers to revel in all the excellent work they have accomplished producing their projects and you would not want anything getting in the way of that. Film event liability insurance can help manage your exposures and give you one less thing that you need to worry about.  

A Guide to Film Event Liability Insurance: What Is It?

What is film event liability insurance and how can it help? Film event liability insurance is essentially a kind of specialized coverage intended to help cover the host from having to solo the potentially formidable cost of losses while accommodating a film festival or event. This coverage can be tailored to meet the personalized requirements of whatever event is taking place, the venue, how many attendees are expected, and more. Additional coverage may be acquired if the event taking place is offering liquor. 

Film event liability insurance is special because the coverage it offers is short term and generally includes temporary general liability insurance. If the event or festival taking place comes about yearly then an annual policy may be offered. This protection is affordable and will not put you out a significant amount of money. Liquor liability may also be available as an offer if your event plans include alcohol. These events may be covered by your film event liability insurance policy: 

  • A patron is injured while attending your film event or festival and you are found legally responsible as the host. 
  • The property or venue where you are hosting your event is damaged and you are found liable. 

Discuss with a broker about what instances may be covered under your film event liability insurance. They will be able to navigate the fine print of your policy with you so that you understand the ins and outs of your coverage.  

Why Is Film Event Liability Insurance Necessary?

If you are looking to rent a public space in order to host your event, chances are that your vendor will require proof of insurance beforehand. Film event liability insurance is strongly recommended for film festivals and events because it can cover some rather grievous scenarios, like if someone were to be injured during your event due to unforeseen circumstances. Festivals are expensive enough to plan and book without you needing the added cost of a liability suit to deal with. Film event liability insurance is customized to help ensure that you are in good standings should anything happen which threatens to bring about significant financial loss. 

Inquire about obtaining a film event liability insurance quote with Marquee today and see just how affordable getting the peace of mind for your next festival or film event can be. 

What Are the Rates for Film Event Liability Insurance?

It might seem like just another price to add to the list but film event liability insurance is really quite affordable and can help provide you peace of mind when it comes to hosting your film festival or event. Here are the variables that may be taken into account by your provider when it comes to determining your rates for film event liability insurance 

  • What venue or location do you plan to host your film festival or event at? If it is a public space or private space will also impact the price; vendors will often require proof of insurance before allowing you to lease the space. 
  • How many attendees are you expecting? Rates will be different depending on whether the gathering you are hosting is anticipated to be small or large and personalized coverage may be offered if your event is envisaging over 2,000 guests.  
  • What is the liability limit on your event policy? For most event insurance policies a liability limit of $1,000,000 will be required, which might seem like a significant amount – until you consider the potentially staggering costs of an injury during the hosting of your event. Depending on how many guests you are anticipating you may want to increase this amount. 
  • Are you planning to offer liquor? Your film event liability insurance rate may be higher if you choose to include liquor coverage as a result of this unique risk.  

A representative from Marquee will be able to answer any further questions you have about the rates of film event liability insurance and can help get you started with your coverage as soon as possible. Let us worry about the insurance so that you can focus on the details of planning your film festival or event.  

Coverage for Non-Film Festival Events

Marquee also offers non-film festival event coverage for non-film activities for events such as the following:

  • Concerts, 
  • conferences, 
  • trade shows, 
  • outdoor festivals, 
  • touring companies, 
  • performance groups, 
  • bands, 
  • artists, 
  • DJs, and 
  • Photographers. 

Non-film festival and event insurance is used to help safeguard your event or festival against the disastrous beyond your control from occurring. Depending on the nature of your event and where you plan to host it, the coverage you will require may differ. In many cases, the venue where you are looking to have your event will require that you purchase a certain minimum of coverage so that they can be secure in knowing their assets and property are sufficiently secured. Even if your venue does not call for insurance or your event is small-scale, a base amount of coverage can provide you with peace of mind and ample backing should anything unexpected occur. 

Marquee may offer coverage for the following non-film events and festivals:  

  • Weddings, 
  • Receptions or parties, 
  • Not-for-profit or charity events, 
  • Recitals, 
  • Shows, 
  • Lectures, 
  • Meetings, 
  • Workshops,  
  • Sporting events, 
  • Kid-friendly events, and 
  • Tournaments. 

Marquee covers a wide range of different non-film events and festivals so be sure to discuss with one of our team members about what you may be able to acquire insurance for today. 

If alcohol is being served at your non-film festival or event, you will want to acquire host liability liquor insurance to cover any exposures that this specific risk may leave. Generally, liquor liability is an add-on to your standard film event liability insurance policy or non-film event insurance. Some events may not qualify for this coverage so it is advised that you discuss with a broker about the details of this particular endorsement to see whether it would be of benefit to you and how it can help you.  

Non-film event and festival insurance may offer coverage for: 

  • Medical payments, should a patron injure themselves attending your festival or event or fall ill, 
  • Event liability, pertaining to both bodily injury and property damage should you be held accountable for claims of either, 
  • Tenant’s legal liability, for your venue owner, 
  • And possibly host liquor liability, should you choose to acquire it and if your event qualifies for coverage. 

Small scale or large, any event or festival that is hosted at a venue and calls for a number of guests will require insurance. If only to put your mind at ease, discuss with a representative from Marquee about acquiring a quote for your next non-film event or festival and feel secure in knowing that some of the best experts in the business have got your back. Tell us about the details of your next planned event and we can help you figure out what kind of coverage you might need, whether you should purchase host liquor liability, and what yo

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Enquire today about getting a film event liability insurance quote with Marquee. We are excited to be an important part of your film festival or event plans. 

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