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Film distribution insurance is very similar to producer’s insurance in that it covers the professional from a range of liability risks that might arise as a result of the contents contained within the material that is being distributed. A film distributor’s duty is to market a film, which can be integral to whether or not the film in question reaches its intended audience and receives an ideal amount of traffic. 

Liability risks can arise whether we take the necessary measures to prevent them or not. Accidents are just that – accidents, and they can happen for any kind of reasons at any moment, so it is always best to be prepared for when they do. This is where film distribution insurance comes in handy to protect you and your distribution team from potential financial loss. 

Generally each film or project that is produced will require a certain minimum of film distribution insurance or distributor’s errors and omissions insurance. Evidence of coverage may be requested in order for the process of distribution to begin. From start to finish, making a film is a lengthy task which requires a lot of people in order to get off the ground. Make sure the insurance part isn’t something you have to worry about by working with Marquee; we manage your film distribution insurance so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

What You Need to Know: Film Distribution Insurance 101

So – what is film distribution insurance? Who needs it? What are the most important aspects of film distribution insurance that someone in the entertainment industry needs to know, whether a filmmaker or an integral part of a production team? Film distribution insurance is essentially a kind of errors and omissions insurance that helps product a producer and their team from the following: defamation of character, libel and slander, and even invasion of privacy.  

In most cases, film distribution insurance or a specialized form of errors and omissions insurance will be required by a broadcaster, financier or distributor before a production can be made public. It is important that the film distribution insurance acquired is the kind of policy that is suited to the project’s unique requirements; after all, no one insurance policy is the same, and entertainment insurance is no exception to the fact.  

For further information regarding film distribution insurance, contact a Marquee representative. Our experts will be willing to discuss with you what this special kind of coverage is and how it can help to safeguard you and the next project you are distributing.   

Why Is Film Distribution Insurance Needed?

Insurance seems like just another thing to add to the list. So why is film distribution insurance necessary? The entertainment industry is tricky when it comes to liability due to the potential for plagiarism (whether intentional or not) and defamation, libel or slander suits. If your show’s script was similar to that of another series, you might be in some hot water for plagiarism claims. Film distribution insurance protects a distributor from financial loss, covers intellectual property rights, and protects distributors from slander suits. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, very rarely will a broadcaster air a program or film without the necessary insurance in place beforehand. 

Here are a few liability scenarios where film distribution insurance may come in the clutch: 

  • A production company is faced with a lawsuit as a result of the film they produced which contained content very similar to another popular film. 
  • The production company in question is met with a lawsuit as a result of unlawful usage of stock footage or music without acknowledging permission to request rights. 
  • A defamation suit comes about as a result of a production company’s usage of a fictional character that bears a certain resemblance to an existing person or figure. 

For more ways in which film distribution insurance can help to bolster your defences against potential lawsuits, talk to a broker from Marquee. Our experts are experienced in dealings within the entertainment industry and can provide you insight as to how you can better manage your risks as well as ways to keep within your budget when it comes to acquiring film distribution insurance. Get in touch with us today! 

Managing Your Film Distribution Risks

Acquiring a film distribution insurance policy is just one step to ensuring that your film or production’s script is well guarded. There are many ways you can help manage your risks during the distribution process beyond just getting insurance. Here are some of the ways you can protect your script from liability risks: 

  • Avoid the usage of real figures, persons, places or organizations. This can help prevent future plagiarism situations. 
  • If you are wanting to make use of trademarked music, footage, signs or trademarks, be sure to acquire permission first. Also, it helps to prevent any incidental references to existing companies or products. Always double-check whether anything you use on set or on location is protected by copyright. 
  • Work with a professional to avoid running in trouble with possible plagiarism situations. 

One of the best ways to avoid financial loss is by acquiring a film distribution insurance policy fitted to the unique risks your production may expose you to. Discuss with a broker from Marquee and apply for a free quote today so that you can focus on the distribution of your new project. 

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For when you need comprehensive coverage that checks every box, look no further than Marquee. We provide film distribution insurance to distributors, whether companies or individuals, in order to help offer them peace of mind for any potential liability situations which might arise during or after production. 

Getting a quote has never been easier. Protect your script by applying for a free quote with Marquee. You will always have a broker who negotiates on your behalf and ensures that you get your claims settled as swiftly and as fairly as possible. 

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