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Your film has gear it needs to carry out operations; that can be cameras, lights, audio recorders, cables, lenses, editing software, and more. Cumulatively, the overall price for your latest project’s film and video equipment can be staggering. These items are expensive – and important. You might be new to the scene of filmmaking or have a couple of projects already under your belt but you probably understand how significant a cost your film’s equipment can be. Consider the impact of shooting and editing fees, food and transportation expenses, and then equipment costs.

Due to this, film equipment insurance may be a cost you are hesitant about adding to the list. Not to worry – film equipment insurance is relatively inexpensive next to the potentially staggering financial losses that might arise unexpectedly during the making of your latest media piece.

Marquee can help you find the best film equipment insurance around. We help fit you with film equipment insurance that is personalized to meet the protection needs of your new or ongoing project. With our customized insurance plans, you may be provided with the necessary recompense required to repair or replace any or all of your damaged film gear. Get a free production equipment insurance quote with us today.

What Is Film Equipment Insurance?: Film Equipment Insurance 101

This special kind of insurance is an affordable means to help protect thousands of dollars’ worth of crucial film equipment. Film equipment insurance helps offset the challenges of having to manage all the costs that come with managing production and provides peace of mind for filmmakers who do not want to have to worry about the added stress of ensuring every little detail. Both owned and rented gear may be covered with a specialized film equipment insurance endorsement.

Film equipment insurance may help cover the costs of repairs or replacements for a wide range of valuable equipment, including the following:

  • Cameras
  • Microphones and audio recorders
  • Props
  • Drones
  • Camera bags, batteries, cables
  • Studio or recording equipment
  • Editing software and hard drives
  • Cyber documents and digital information
  • Sets
  • Lights
  • Theatrical equipment
  • Wardrobe
  • Miscellaneous or unscheduled equipment

Discuss with a broker about what your film equipment insurance may cover. You may also inquire about specialized coverage for additional items. An expert can work with you to navigate the best ways to cover your equipment so that you are always in the best possible standings if anything unexpected should occur during production or filming.

Who Needs Film Equipment Insurance?

Filmmakers, whether experienced or new to the scene, require film equipment insurance in order to ensure that they are in good standings to continue making, editing, and shooting your project should anything unexpected happen. Generally, our film’s equipment can be some of the biggest costs we are faced with while tackling the challenge of a new project and film equipment insurance can be quite affordable.

If you travel anywhere in order to shoot your project, your film’s equipment is at its most vulnerable. This makes film equipment insurance even more essential to the flow of your project. Moreover, film equipment insurance is necessary even for smaller-scale films – given how integral cameras and editing software can be.

Even if your film is only going to take a few days or a week to film, short term film equipment rental insurance is crucial to ensuring things can go off without a hitch. It can also be less expensive than full-term video production equipment insurance.

Looking to produce a new project? Request a film equipment insurance from Marquee. We provide you with the opportunity to acquire a personalized policy fitted to the suit the needs of your project for a price that won’t bust the bank.

Beyond Film Equipment Insurance: Tips for Looking After Film Equipment Valuables

While acquiring a film equipment insurance policy is the best way to ensure the safety of your project’s valuables and gear there are a few ways you can manage your risks during filming. Here are a few tips when it comes to guarding your film equipment so that you can be prepared for the unexpected:

  • Manage your security when it comes to filming at an exterior location. Valuables should be stored away when they are not being used and logged accordingly so that everything is kept track of. Access to certain valuables should only be granted to a certain number of individuals or teams during filming.
  • Make sure that vehicles moving valuable goods or equipment are nondescript and well looked after. Valuables or expensive equipment should be locked and covered within vehicles.
  • Establish a sign-in, sign-out procedure for equipment. Inventory checks should be regular and carried out by trusted team members or individuals. Also, you should implement a written policy that forbids crew or cast members from taking home equipment after shooting – especially if those items are rented.
  • Organize background checks for any new employees, cast or crew members and encourage your team to always wear ID badges during the making of your project. Ensure that you are clearly communicating to your cast and crew about the importance of your project’s equipment; if necessary, establish rules about the proper usage of certain equipment, such as filming materials or editing software in order to guarantee their acceptable maintenance.
  • Lastly, get insured! Film equipment insurance is inexpensive and can help cover some pretty lofty costs should anything happen to your equipment during the production of your project.

Avoid any preventable circumstances by taking the measures necessary to safeguard your film’s valuable equipment, cameras, set, props and more. When all else fails, film equipment insurance is there to serve as your last layer of protection to help offset any potential financial losses.

Marquee Offers Free Film Equipment Insurance Quotes

Finding coverage for your film’s valuables and important equipment doesn’t have to be a process that takes place over the course of multiple days or even weeks. In fact, you can apply for a film equipment insurance quote with Marquee and get in touch with one of our expert representatives today. We are dedicated to helping provide aspiring or experienced filmmakers get the insurance coverage they need.

Apply for a film equipment insurance quote today for free and see just how easy getting the right protection can be with Marquee. We never settle for anything less than what works best for you.

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